[TRANS] Highlights – Seo Hyun Jin’s Q&A on EBS Radio on 28/12/2017

Translations highlights of Seo Hyun Jin Q&A with Jung AeRi on her radio show on 28/12/2017.


EBS Radio Jung Aeri’s Poetry concert-SHJ Q&A

(JAR-Jung AeRi/SHJ-Seo HyunJin)

JAR: “That time was quite tough.(refers to filming TOL period) Did you fall sick?”
SHJ: “Yes I did. After some rest and recuperating now I am well.”

JAR: “How have you been spending your days?”
SHJ: “Me? Play.”
JAR: “Play? How do you play?What do you play?”
SHJ: “Cleaning, laundry, take care of dog and exercise. It’s back to normal daily routine. Its’ weird, when I wash the dishes I would have the feel that the drama ended. Because when I am filming, I don’t do housework. I live with my brother, so most of the time he does it. Now is the time for a person to play to do it. Use the vacuum cleaner, tidy up my room, like this, time passes very fast.”
JAR: “I think no one would ever imagine that anyone would think of all those as play. I take cleaning, housework and and taking care of dog as a chore. I guess I also have to try and think of them as play.”

JAR: “When we were filming <Temperature of Love>. I asked have you thought about coming here once? But it was really tough back then. Even then you said, I want to go, it makes me feel so warm. And I’m so thankful that you have come now.”
JAR: “Just like what our listener’s say, when we mention Seo Hyun Jin the word love comes to mind. You’ve become like the icon for love. What do you think?”
SHJ: “I don’t think it’s like that.”
JAR: “Why?”
SHJ: “Maybe its because I’ve filmed a lot of romance drama. Last year and this year, so everybody have that thinking.”
JAR: “Do you think of yourself as a carefree person?”
SHJ: “Just not the very feminine type.”
JAR: “From my viewpoint, I think Seo Hyun Jin ssi is a very feminine person.”
SHJ: “Is it? In front of teacher(she calls JAR teacher), I don’t dare to misbehave. But when I am in the waiting room, I will dance and exercise(play) with everybody.”
JAR: “That doesn’t mean you are not feminine.”
SHJ: “Really?”
JAR: “Of course. Your speech, expression and even the heart, all are very lady-like.”
SHJ: “Then we’ll say it is.”

JAR: “Honestly, there are tiring times when filming. It’s impossible not to feel tired. When you can’t recover, you cannot continue filming. How do you adjust yourself?”
SHJ: “When on set, I usually play around with the staff to relax myself. Joke around with the photographer, lighting staff, say meaningless things to de-stress. And our A team focus puller(1st assistant cameraman) loves to make coffee, so ocassionally she will bring coffee on set, and drinking the coffee helps to tide it over.”
JAR: “That’s right. Getting along with the staff on set is very important. So that’s how you regain your energy. Using people to heal people.”

JAR: “Since you are here, we have to ask you a question. What does poetry means to you?”
SHJ: “I have to think a bit……it’s something that you really want to say.”
JAR: “Something that you really want to say.”
SHJ: “Poetry are words that are chosen carefully to express  what one truly wants to say.  So it seems poetry means what one truly wants to express.”
JAR: “Similarly like novels and long essays, one word to describe is to express what one wants to say. Do you like poetry?”
SHJ: “Average, or below average. I don’t specially look for poetry to read but if I
received them as gift, I will read them. And you see a lot of poems in the rest rooms and subways. But because I am coming here, I read poetry for a month. And it seems there are a lot of good poems. I was surprised. So this one month I am blessed to have come in contact with it.”

JAR: “I’m not sure, I think it was during filming, it’s just a mini series not even the long drama but you give out the vibe of a daughter, that’s why we get along.”
SHJ: “Teacher you sent me an SMS in between filming saying”I am happy because it is you who acted as my daughter”
JAR: “Yes yes”
SHJ: “I was so happy”

One of the listener commented that SHJ is so warm

JAR: “Can it be seen?(referring to the above) This is Seo Hyun Jin’s charm.”
SHJ: “It’s because of the reflector.”
JAR: “(reading listener question) I am curious, what is your real personality like? You look obedient and proper, is it really like that?
SHJ: “Mmm..don’t think so, I’m a bit muddle headed and often lose things here and there. I’m the type that needs to double check before doing anything.”
JAR: “So it’s like that. Looks like we have something in common.”
SHJ: “Teacher you are also forgetful like me?”
JAR: “Yes, it seems both of us are like that. Although it seems we can take care of things well but it seems we can’t look after our own stuff.”
SHJ: “After taking care of other people’s things, you realise you forgot your own stuff.”

(Before,SHJ was reading the poem by Do Jong-Hwan “The road that must be travelled” that leads to the following question)
JAR: “The road that must be travelled. In life, there are roads that we have no choice but to walk on. but even if we had no choice but to take it, it will still benefit us somehow.”
SHJ: “When it is past, sometimes you feel like it is something that you have to go through even though at that point in time it is difficult. But because of it, you begin to understand certain things.”
JAR: “Seo Hyun Jin ssi, you have walked until where you are now, have you experienced any difficulties?
SHJ: “For me, it’s the period of anonymity, about 10 years. I debuted when I was very young. So if you talk about difficulty, that period was tough. But because I experienced it when I was young, I being to understand the importance of people. So now I feel fortunate.”
JAR: “And because you went through that, it seems that you will be able to face difficulties better now and it also help with your acting career.”
SHJ: “Although physically still not as sufficient. Just feels that I can probably cope with it emotionally.”
JAR: “As a normal person, what are the things you would  like to try? Not as actess Seo Hyun Jin but as the person Seo Hyun Jin. Something like “this I want to try”
SHJ: “To properly fall in love.”
JAR: “Mmm have you not experienced it? Or is it now you haven’t?”
SHJ: “Maybe it’s because I’ve filmed many romance drama nowadays. So that’s why I have this thought maybe its time to fall in love.”
JAR: “So you’ve fall in love a lot in drama?”
SHJ: “Yes, all my love experience I’ve learn from the dramas. (laughs) Because my mother is also very worried. So I have thoughts about wanting to fall in love. I have this determination that I should do it.”
JAR: “Now the men must be thinking, no, what are you talking about?”
SHJ: “Just feel like I should make a firm decision. Sigh..family is worrying about it.”
JAR: “Then you should try it. In drama, they always say that, it seems its true.And have a great loving experience, feels that the time will come very soon.”
SHJ: “..but I’m just focus on work. so can I really fall in love?


Credit to HyunJin Light for Chinese translations.

English Translations by Soompi Hyunjinies.

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Seo Hyun Jin on EBS radio Jung AeRi’s Poetry concert on 28122017

Seo Hyun Jin tweeted on 28th Dec to inform she will be appearing on radio program “Jung AeRi’s Poetry concert”.  Below is the full video of the radio recording, thanks to SHJ fan Everlasting.

In the opening, Jung AeRi read the opening script written by the writer of the program which says;

“ Really very cute, a person that beams out happiness just by looking at her. The writer added a PS to the script: A person so beautiful that the rhetoric words of the world is not enough to describe and a charming actress as well.”

Seo Hyun Jin cutely responds with her curled up fingers. XD

In the show, Seo Hyun Jin recited poems by Korean Poet Yi Sang and Korean Poet/politician Do Jong-Hwan.

In the last section of the radio show, this is what Seo Hyun Jin says about love and dating.

“I haven’t dated for a long time, feels like its time to do so, all my dating experiences came from my dramas! Because my mother is also very worried, so I’ve decided to seriously try and date for once. Seems like I’ve reached the stage to come to this kind of resolutions…but will dating this kind of thing be as you wish just because you wanted to?”

Love often doesn’t come announced nor does it comes according to our wishes but as long as we are ready and open, it can happen anytime. We wish Seo Hyun Jin will have her wish but most importantly we wish for her happiness at all times.

Pic source

Credit to Hyun Jin Light for chinese translations of content from the radio program.

English Translations credit: Soompi Hyunjinies