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Thank you to everyone who contributed to <The Beauty Inside> Rice Wreath Project! The wreath was delivered to the press conference on October 1st, 2018. Let’s continue to support Seo Hyun Jin!

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Seo Hyun Jin in short film “Mystery Pink”

Seo Hyun Jin appeared in the short film “Mystery Pink” directed and produced by her good friend Ku Hye Sun. The film was recently released to the press on Jan10 and the public on Jan11. The short film is only 10 mins and is classified as a mix of thriller/horror and melodrama. Ku Hye Sun in her press preview of her “Mystery Pink” exhibition has said that Seo Hyun Jin is a trusted actress that she has worked with for a very long time. (LINK) Seo Hyun Jin is a reliable friend who has appeared in many of Ku Hye Sun’s previous films such as Magic, The Peach Tree, The Madonna and Fragments of Sweet Memories.

Pics from the “Mystery Pink” exhibition. (credit: Bban2 IG)

Screen caps from film “Mystery Pink” (credit: @hyunjin227 twitter)

“Mystery Pink” Short clips links:

seohynjinfc IG

@pisces0227 Twitter



[Eng Transcript] Temperature Of Love PressCon – Seo Hyun Jin cut

“Temperature of Love Press con 14092017′ – Seo Hyun Jin Cut

Q. What’s the reason for selecting this drama?

SHJ:       My previous drama focuses mainly on the events, so I wanted to try one that focuses on emotions. And writer Ha Myung-Hee’s writing is very detailed and delicate. There are many dramas that centers around events. But for this drama, the main focus is on the emotion/love lines between the characters. Frankly speaking, it is not easy to act out such tender actions but I will do my best to show it.

Q. What is the charm of the character?How did you prepare for it?And what if you compare it with Oh Hae Young?

SHJ:       Lee Hyun soo is not an outstanding person, although she is a writer. She often fails at contests, but belongs to those hardworking and persevering type. I think most people are like that, of course she has some talent. But just like ordinary people, whether its 2nd, third or a hundred…Lee Hyun soo is just one of them. She is one who works steadily step by step towards her dream, a very hardworking script writer. Honestly, there’s not much preparations needed to act as a script writer. Script writing is a totally different career, its you who create something. But as for me, its not something I’ve done before. I have experiences like working hard but never done any creative before. So to act as a script writer, I can only work hard to follow the script faithfully.

The difference between Oh Hae Young and Lee Hyun Soo. Oh Hae Young is a very courageous woman, Lee Hyun soo is very timid, Oh Hae Young remains a minority, even while acting, she became my aspiration. If I can also live so courageously like her. On the other hand, Hyun Soo often observes and is considerate of people around her.  She lets go when she should hang on to certain people. And then misses the opportunity, and pretending that it didn’t matter. I’m also like that, as you grow older, you become more timid, and have phobia towards love. So Lee Hyun Soo is similar to most ordinary female. So it may cause some viewers some discomfort when they see it, because they might feel sad since it is similar to themselves. However, it will be good if it can resonate with the viewers.

Q. What are your thoughts on working again with Yang Se Jong?

SHJ:       I also felt the same, that it might be better if we were strangers in the beginning. Se Jong is always polite and respectful, always calling me sunbae-nim. So when you have to suddenly become lovers, it becomes a bit awkward. But as everyone knows, he is a very hardworking person. And he just acted a very difficult character in <Duel>, that makes me see his manly side. So when we are at filming site, there’s such a saying that you can tell if you see a person as a man or as a friend in 3seconds. And I can see him as a man so I am happy that it seems I’ve met a good partner.

Q. What are you own thoughts about love? (this qn was not translated, guessing base on the answer she gave.)

SHJ:       It’s a rom-com drama. Although it seems everyone is doing it, but when I meet up with friends what everyone is most curious about is always each other’s romance life. Writer Ha Myung Hee mention this “Can a human love another?” and using this as a base to write the script.During the last 6 months, the question that cause me to ponder the most is can someone love another more than themselves? Or whether if one can love another just as they love themselves? I feel that this is impossible, and is in a state of giving up on love. But the writer told me, after you film this drama, you will want to find love. Isn’t there a saying nowadays of this generation? giving up on love, marriage and having children? Those extreme cases, even say there are 5 types of abandonment. But people will still love. Writer’s reason for love, is to have pure love.And this is also the reason why I chose this drama too.

Q. After your epic kiss scenes with Eric, what is the standard of romance for the new drama? And what are your opinion on noona-dongsaeng romance? What is your love temperature right now?

SHJ:       There is a kiss scene at the beginning, but its those innocent kind. Its like a kiss between university students and its cautious. As to the standards after this, only the writer will know.But I guess it should be going deeper as it goes, maybe we can look forward to that?

And about my love temperature, who knows?I  kept thinking, maybe I would not be able to understand love until I die. Love temperature can be high or low, currently at a low right now.  So hopefully when I film the drama, it will raise the temperature a bit.

Ah noona-dongsaeng romance? Love has nothing to do with age, but it depends on individual. In  my eyes, it is the attraction of the opposite sexes. I think its important whether you can converse with that person.

Q. Which scene leaves the deepest impression?

SHJ:       In the drama, Hyun Soo and Jung-sun lives in the same neighbourhood. One’s address is 53 and the other 35. There was a delivery package that was wrongly delivered. It was suppose to be for Jung-sun but got delivered to my place. The scene where I deliver the package to his place.  I felt it was beautiful at that time, didn’t think that he will be home but he came out.

Q. In which episode is that?

SHJ:       Because we don’t film in order. but it should be in Episode 2.

Q. You have done gourmet shows, and also acted as a chef, what food Yang Se Jong cooks is good?

SHJ:       There are scenes in the drama where he cooks for me, but we haven’t filmed that, so I haven’t tasted it. but Yang Se Jong cooks for some the seafood rice and medium rare steak. I heard was  very delicious, so I am looking forward to that. His occupation is a chef, so there will be many pretty and delicate food for everyone to feast their eyes on.

Q. What is the attraction point of the drama?

SHJ:       Like what I said earlier, it is not a love that develop out of an event. But it is the character’s love line that is the main event itself. You won’t have things like liking in one episode and not liking in another episode. But the feelings of like is developed slowly over the process in an intricate manner. Those viewers who like fast development plot may have different thoughts. But I feel it is most suited for this season. How it will be presented will depends on us actors.We will all work hard and hope everyone would give their support.

chinese trans by AllThatStar

English Trans: Angel2013/Soompi Hyunjinies

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