[Eng Trans] Seo Hyun Jin’s Grazia October 2017 issue Interview – Between calmness and passion (Part 2)


Q15. So between a hot burning love and a love that warms up steadily, what  kind of love temperature do you want to have? 

A15. Uhm, rather than caring about the temperature of love, I want to date someone who’s like a best friend. Someone who knows how to be loyal to the other person, is there…such kind of person?

Q16. Where could he be. That kind of person (laughs)?

A16. Are they all taken?

Q17. Someday he will show up. People say that there is a right time for everyone.

A17. Just like love that needs a right time. The writer told me “After you do this drama, you might want to love someone”. But until now, it’s good to be single though. I don’t want to break this rhythm.

Q18. Looks like it is a difficult time to fall in love blindly. Surely the kind of love you’re dreaming of is different when you are in your 30’s and when you are in your 20’s.

A18. True. I’m checking myself if I am ready to love someone. I’m afraid of getting hurt again, too.

Q19. The way you look at people / judge a character must be different now too.

A19. Definitely different. In my 20s I like people with individual personality. The kind of person who has his own philosophy and firmly say his piece. Now I’m attracted to a considerate and generous person. I like someone whom I can feel comfortable with when we are together.

Q20. When it comes to dating, how has your style change?

A20. I’m not sure. It‘s been so long since I was in a relationship, so I don’t know how I look like (while dating).

Q21. Seriously, I hope something happens after this drama ends. 

A21. My parents and everyone else are hoping that I will date (laughs)!


Q22. If we look at your filmography up until now, I think you are a clever actor who pick your works well. 

A22. Actually 《Temperature of Love》 is the only one I chose. I am not an actor who has a wide spectrum of choices. So I have always been working on, with the thought that the one in front of me right now is my destiny. Eventually the works that I’ve done became my experiences.

Q23. So why were you attracted to Temperature of Love

A23. I wanted to do a drama that deals with emotions. To fall in love with someone, and that love didn’t work out, then to reunite again – the kind of drama where emotions are involved in various kind of situations. The actor’s interpretation on how to do it would make the real difference for it. There is no right or wrong answer to that. I feel burdened too…. I’ve been wandering in this field (for a while) but this is the first time I’m doing something like this. There are many ambiguous words that made it possible to be done this way or that way, so I’m going to find out the best way to do it.

Q24. Do you have any particular work that you wish to do in the future? 

A24. Recently I’ve started doing PT.(Plyometric Training) I want to build muscles on my body since I wish to do an action project. I wish to do a good action project at least once.

Q25. What is the ultimate thing you wish to achieve working as an actor? 

A25. I don’t have such a wish.

Q26. Don’t you have any expectation in doing your work? 

A26. Yes. I just wish for the (filming) sites to be continuously enjoyable. At first, the adults who tried to make up stories that do not exist at all used to look cool, but now I really like the energy from the (filming) sites where the experts gathered together and work professionally. People who work well and have good personalities are so fun. It is so fun working with such people at the sites. So I won’t avoid such people and would want to do well, and it feels good to make interesting and touching works together with them.. And if such relationships could extend even after the work ends where we can still meet up again, there’s nothing more that I could wish for.

Translated by: @idk_anymore11

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[Eng Trans] Seo Hyun Jin’s Grazia October 2017 issue Interview – Between calmness and passion (Part 1)


Meeting and parting, and when they eventually reunite, the woman’s face deepen. Actor Seo Hyun Jin’s moments of searching for the <<Temperature of Love>>

Q1. You’re much more beautiful in real life.

A1. As you can see, I’m wearing a full make-up. Of course I should be looking pretty (laughs).

Q2. You are too humble. Since today’s photo shoot almost encompass all of the beauty trend for the F/W season, what make-up/style do you like most?

A2.I like make-ups that make my face looks healthy/rosy, so I think it is the prettiest when the blusher applied can enhance/ bring out the glossy skin appearance.

Q3. Your skin looks great from up-close. As you are also a spokes-model for Estee Lauder, which part of your skin  are you most confident with if you’re to choose one?

A3. Honestly, I used to feel confident about my skin in the past, however as I am getting older, it’s not same as before.. even so, if I have to choose one, I think it’ll be the skin texture?

Q4. Please tell us the secret in maintaining beautiful skin.

A4. I have been putting on moisturizing cream every day since my early 20’s. There is always a lip-balm and moisturizing cream in my make-up pouch. And during the winter, I keep the heater away from me as far as I can.

 Q5. Nowadays the filming of Temperature of Loveis in full swing. When you’re shooting a drama, you’ll not get enough time to sleep so how do you keep your skin condition healthy? 

A5. As the filming progresses, my skin feels more tired. Usually I would go to the dermatology clinic for treatments during the early stages of filming when the schedule is not so tight. But this time, there wasn’t  sufficient time for me to do so. If I have an all-night filming, I would remove the make-up once in the middle and then put on the make-up again.

Q6. You have to act and manage (your skin), I guess it must be really exhausting. 

A6. I’m trying, and I think of it as a ‘minimum courtesy’ (laughs).

Q7. Normally, do you enjoy make-ups? 

A7. Of course!

Q8. For make up, which would you put more emphasis on, the eyes or the lips?

A8. In winter, I’ll put on red lipstick, and I’ll use mascara to enhance my lashes during summer.

Q9. ‘Seo Hyun Jin’s make-up’ always become a trend in every work of yours. We are curious what kind of beauty topic it will be for this time, any hints?

A9. I asked the director who is in charge of make-up and she said the highlight will be on the blusher.


Q10. There’s hot interest towards Temperature of Loveeven before it started airing.

A10. The script is so good.It delicately illustrates the emotions surrounding love as it changes.  It’ll be a work that reminds you of missed relationships as well timings in life.

Q11. This is your second encounter with your partner actor Yang Se Jong. Despite being a rookie, he is an actor who acts very well, so we’re looking forward to the chemistry between both of you. 

A11. It feels comfortable for the fact that we know each of our style’s well. Also, I felt relieved as he is a friend who is good in acting. I’m just worried since I’m much more senior than him, he’ll be too polite towards me. Even though he can comfortably call me ‘noona’ but he keeps on calling me ‘sunbae-nim’ until now.

Q12. The male and female leads have to paint a love story but he keeps going on like that? 

A12. That’s what I’m saying! He keeps on calling me sunbae-nim so I don’t know what to do. I wish he could comfortably call me ‘noona’ now… but I think he’ll call me sunbae-nim even up until the wrap-up party (laughs).

Q13. What is the difference between <<Temperature of Love>> Lee Hyun Soo and <<Another oh Hae Young>> Oh Hae Young?

A13. She is not a woman who is as courageous as Oh Hae Young. She is a much more realistic person. She is a woman who thinks of love rationally, that love is a choice one makes based on one’s own will and not something that one would (instinctively) fall for. She thought that it should be in moderation, she is scared of it too… and when love comes, she didn’t want to rush it, and ended up regretting it later.

Q14. Which of the two characters’ styles is  closer to you in real life? 

A14. I’m closer to Lee Hyun Soo’s style. The older I get, the more frightened I feel. Like Hyun Soo, I’m sparing myself / playing it safe.

Translated by: @idk_anymore11

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[ENG Transcript] Temperature of Love Taiwan Media Interview-Seo Hyun Jin & Yang Se Jong

TOL Interview for Taiwan media IQIYI

Intro: This is the promo video for Taiwan iQiYi

Qn:  Please give a brief description of your characters

YSJ: Ok.  My character is a person called On Jung Sun.  Jung Sun is a person with a painful past and he wants to depend on his own effort and live his life properly. Then at this time he met a person called Hyun Soo. After he met HyunSoo, he became attracted to her and wants her. When he realise these unconscious actions of his, he has already fallen in love with HyunSoo.  So he became straightforward about it..something like that, so this is the role that I have taken on.

SHJ:  Yes, as for me, my character is Lee Hyun Soo as mentioned by Jung Sun. Hyun Soo’s attitude towards this guy who came towards her with love is she  uses fear as a reason, kept avoiding and even chose to turn her  back and run away so…. she missed the timing to date him and then tries to find back the right timing, this is the roughly the content.

Qn: What is the factor that made both of you choose Temperature of Love? Is it the contents or… or other factors that you’re satisfied with to take on this casting?

SHJ:  I’ll say it first


SHJ:  Firstly, the script is very intricate.  It’s unlike recent dramas which are very fast paced. Things do not happen in just one day.  In one episode, you could have 30-40 scenes just  to express how you like a person. With such detailed expression,  we hope everyone would be able to relate and find it interesting. Of course the actors would do their best to show it. Honestly, there are very few drama scripts nowadays that addresses emotions so delicately  so when I saw the script… to totally immerse solely in romance line  is not an easy thing to do. It is easier for actors if it is going by events.  So I am attracted by the challenge of it and as well as the meticulous script so I chose this drama project.

YSJ:  First I get this feeling that if I choose t act as Jung Sun, I think I will be able to feel  happiness personally as Yang Se Jong . Actually I do feel a bit tired in day to day life  and I feel really down..only a few weeks back/ a few months before. But when I read the script, I had these feelings  and just as sunbae-nim mentions  the expression of the emotions does not suddenly goes  up and down… maybe in the latter part it may be like this  but base on the script that is out now, it is not like that. It is very subtly defined. At the beginning I tried to find those explicit emotions but I couldn’t  so my thoughts at that time was that’s how it is when you really like someone… so its this and that, many aspects that attracted me.

SHJ:  I think its more or less the same meaning.  There are many ambiguities in the  way of our expressions. Its not purely like nor dislike  but something in between like having some dislike even when you like. There are many types of expressions like this  these are actually all the emotions that we all have so it will be good if we can deliver it well.

Qn. Both of you have also acted in Romantic Doctor together but this time you have become a couple. What are your thoughts on collaborating again?

YSJ:  Firstly I am very happy to be able to work with sunbae-nim again.

SHJ:  do you need a drink?take some water first .. please wait a while.

YSJ:  thank you

Qn. What are your thoughts on working together again?

YSJ:  Firstly I am very happy and excited. And when we met again, the feeling was very different  from the time when we met on Romantic Doctor. Its much better now  but it was awkward when we first met for script reading.  I will waver whenever I look at sunbae-nim’s eyes  but this is not a bad feeling  rather it is due to excitement. Right now, there is no such uneasy feelings  when we are filming, the awkwardness is gone  and we are now filming totally as On Jung Sun and Hyun soo.

SHJ:  Its the same for me, from sunbae and hoobae relationship  there was some uneasiness. But now it is so much more comfortable  and we can discuss or exchange ideas more casually  but I just felt he is too inhibited and kept addressing me as sunbae-nim  this makes me wonder if I am the cause of his discomfort. The filming is very fun.

YSJ:  sunbae-nim did not make me uncomfortable

SHJ:  what’s this

Qn. Yang Se Jong is acting as a chef this time  do you find that your cooking skills have improved?

YSJ:  Improved a lot.

Qn. What are you best at?

YSJ:  Firstly, I have no prior cooking experience. I don’t know such things like seasonings  but Chef-nim taught me  now at least I know how to make seasonings.

SHJ:  really?

YSJ: yes

SHJ:  that’s nice

Qn. When you were filming Feasts of God, you did traditional Korean cuisine right did it help with your cooking skills?

SHJ:   No it didn’t.  For me it didn’t, he went to take classes but  as for me I only learn the skill of cutting but not seasonings. My cutting skills were good and in the drama we don’t need to do the seasonings.

SHJ: I’m so envious. so you are good at seasonings right? (to YSJ)

Qn. Your drama has always been well received by the female public .For this project what’s the important thing that you want to convey?

SHJ:  I’m not sure what’s the situation like in Taiwan. But in Korea, although there are many noona-dongsaeng couples now however, people still view it very conservatively. So this aspect will make the woman hesitant about noona-dongsaeng relationships.  it’ll be good if I can show this part of the emotions well  and   will age really be a major stumbling block for 2 person in love? These are the points that I hope will be carried across. So I hope people will  consider these aspects.

SHJ:  Is there prejudice in Taiwan over noona-dongsaeng romances?  None at all? (shows thumbs up sign)

Qn.  Yang Se Jong has been described as Rookie monster online. What kind of acting do you hope to show through this project? What can we look forward to?

YSJ:  firstly I am not a rookie monster. Primarily, expectations… I will be faithful to the drama script  and put my focus on Hyun Soo sunbae and even more concentration towards this project. Rather than say what to expect out of this project its more of going back to the basics of it all.  I’m putting my focal point on the script and Hyun Soo while filming.

Qn.  In conclusion, can you say a few words to the iQiYi taiwan viewers?

SHJ:  iQiYi?  Viewers of Taiwan iQiYi thank you for your interests in our drama. We are doing our best in filming and  I believe everyone would be able to feel the warmth and be touched by this romance story.  Thank you for your interest and love.

YSJ:  Please give us your interest and love. Please look forward to Temperature of Love.

SHJ/YSJ: Thank you

———SHJ greetings—————–

Hello Taiwan viewers.  I am Seo Hyun Jin.  Temperature of Love will be showing thru iQiyi in Taiwan. I hope everyone will watch it.  Let’s meet in Taiwan iQiYi.  Love you.


Translated by: Angel2013/Soompi Hyunjinies

Source video: iQiyi

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