[Event] Seo Hyun Jin Fan Sign on 3rd March,2018 for École

It was an exciting weekend for Hyunjinies and Seo Hyun Jin fans as she made her first public appearance months after her last drama wrap up. Seo Hyun Jin was at Lotte Main Store, Myeong-dong, Young plaza, on March 3rd between 2-3pm KST for a fan sign for new brand École. École is a brand that MeSense bought in 2012 as indicated on their website.

Ecole brand history


The fan sign event was limited to only 100 fan signs. With 50 being given to those who purchase École products above 200,000won between Feb 20 and March 2nd at the main store on a first come first served basis. Another 50 queue number will be given on the actual day of the fan sign, March 3rd from 11:30am at the main store itself.  From fan’s accounts however, we understood the queue for the event began as early as 7am, way before the store opening time and queue distribution time of 11:30am. For most of us international fans who are unable to attend such events happening in Korea, we bring you the highlights of the event as well as the many beautiful pics that were taken by fans and fan groups.

From École official IG account : https://www.instagram.com/eecole_official/

Fan Sign promotional poster and event venue on actual day.

This is also her first official event since signing on with Soop management. Soop IG update:

Some highlights of the event:

~ Receiving hairbands has become the norm at Hyun Jin’s fan sign events, and this one is no exception. However, it is Hyun Jin’s comments and reaction that garnered all the attention and love this time round. When one fan presented her with the hairband for her to put on while waiting for her sign, Hyun Jin took it but protested cutely “I’m 34 already”, lets out a hugh sigh, reluctantly put it on and repeated what she said “I’m already 34.”  Check out her cute response in this HQ video taken by BaileysMILK

~ A fan requested for a hug and Hyun Jin gave her a nice tight hug arousing a chorus of exclamations all round. To which Hyun Jin humorously said :” It is not even a man, why is there such reaction?” Watch her cute reaction here

~ A cute fan account of the fan signing:

SHJ: *signing*

Fan: I’m from outskirt, I took yesterday last train and have been waiting here since.

SHJ: (Wide-eyed) Ah! really?

Fan: Have you decided on your next project?

SHJ: Next project? Please ask this person (seems like manager)

Fan: Manager-nim have the next project been decided?

Manager: Hmm still ….

Fan: So is the next project an action genre?

SHJ: (cutely cues) Manager-nim hurry up

Manager: I will feedback your suggestion….

(credit: SHJ DC/Chinese trans:HJ light)


Although we can’t be there in person to witness all these, here are the links to videos and pics taken by fans for you to enjoy. (if you have not already done so.)

FanSign Fan cam links:



HyunJin Light

Beautiful pics taken by fans

Credit: Bban (go to HERE for more pics)

Credit: 밤돌빵 (go HERE for more pics)

Credit: HyunJin Light (go HERE for more pics)

Credit: PeachTree (go HERE for more pics)

Credit: KooruB (go HERE for more pics)

There are many pics that is posted on twitter and IG which we cannot list all of them, check out some of them on our twitter posts.

We hope to see Seo Hyun Jin back on screen soon with another project. Stay tune for news!