2017 Grimae Awards – Best Actress Seo Hyun Jin award speech and photos

On 8th Dec 2017, Seo Hyun Jin was presented with the Best Actress award at 2017 Grimae Award ceremony for her role in “Temperature Of Love”.

Following are some of her photos during the award ceremony as well as translations of her award speech(summarised). Once again, congratulations to Seo Hyun Jin for another acknowledgement of her acting skills.



[TRANS] Kim Hong-Jae, cinematographer for “Temperature Of Love” Interview – “Seo Hyun Jin an actor I am thankful for”

In the light of Seo Hyun Jin’s winning Best Actress 2017 Grimae awards which is being given out by the KDPS(Korean Director’s Photography Society), we bring you the translated portion of Kim Hong-Jae’s interview, who is the cinematographer of drama <Temperature of Love> on Seo Hyun Jin.


Q. We would like to hear the actor’s story. Please praise them.(laughs)

Kim Hong-Hae:“In this drama, Seo Hyun Jin leaves me with a very deep impression. Although our jobs seems glamorous on the outside, but it is a working atmosphere that usually leaves everyone in a bad or sensitive mood. However, Seo Hyun Jin when acting as Lee Hyun Soo never displays the pressure she is under. Instead of showing her own frustrations, she often puts herself in the staff’s position and thinks for them. This is different from during coffee break or having meals together, I learned a lot from looking at Seo Hyun Jin. Even when she is tired, she never frowns, no matter what scenes are being taken, she always takes care of the partner acting opposite her. Everyone loves “Hyun Soo”, she is the center of the stage. While always thoughtful of relieving the burden of the staff on site, she never neglects her acting, even in greatly emotional scenes there were no NG. While filming difficult to express emotional shots she said to “unconditionally follow director’s idea”. She is an actor that I am thankful for.”


(Pic credit: SBS)


Chinese Translations Credit: HyunJin Light Weibo Fansite

English Trans: Soompi Hyunjinies

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Congratulations to Seo Hyun Jin for winning Best Actress @Grimae Awards 2017

Grimae Award is organised by (KDPS) Korean Directors of Photography society. Best actor and actress award began from 1996 and is selected by voting from the camera directors based on excellent acting and good image of the actors. To win the award is an acknowledgement for the actor, it is one of the best award to be given for any actor.

The award ceremony will be held on Dec 8 at 7pm KST at KBS hall.


We want to congratulate Seo Hyun Jin for winning the 2017 Grimae Best Actress Award for her performance in her latest concluded drama “Temperature Of Love”. Her excellent acting is once again acknowledged and recognised in the industry after her Baeksang awards.



QUIZ: What is your fan level for Seo Hyun Jin

While we await Hyun Jin’s news and in preparation for her 16th debut anniversary, try this quiz which is done by SHJ DC gall to test your fan level or loyalty to Seo Hyun Jin. Have fun and you’re welcome to post your results if you want to on twitter or in comments here.

goobne banner 1edit70 Questions to test your fan level for Seo Hyun Jin

  1. I’ve watched Temperature Of Love
  2. I’ve watched Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim
  3. I’ve watched Another Oh Hae Young
  4. I’ve at least 1 magazine with Seo Hyun Jin pictorial
  5. I’ve watched Let’s Eat 2
  6. I’ve watched The Three Musketeers
  7. I’ve watched “Because I Love You” in the theatre
  8. I’ve watched Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong
  9. I’ve watched Feasts of God
  10. I’ve collected at least 1 of Seo Hyun Jin project Blu ray/DVD
  11. I can say at least 5 CF that Seo Hyun Jin did
  12. I’ve watched Goodbye Singles
  13. I know what to do when my friends bad mouthed Seo Hyun Jin over the phone
  14. I know the Chinese meaning for Seo Hyun Jin’s name
  15. I’ve watched King’s Daugther Soo Baek Hyang from beginning to end
  16. I’ve watched Let’s Eat with Friends
  17. I know when is Seo Hyun Jin’s birthday
  18. I’ve watched musical Cinderella personally
  19. I’ve read at least 5 of Seo Hyun Jin Interviews
  20. I’ve watched Seo Hyun Jin’s drama/movie making/bts
  21. I know at least one book title that Seo Hyun Jin likes
  22. I’ve watched Infinite Challenge
  23. I know what award Seo Hyun Jin at the Baeksang Awards
  24. I know the reason why Seo Hyun Jin put on the jacket at the award ceremony
  25. I’ve watched The Peak
  26. I have at least 5 of Seo Hyun Jin’s songs in my handphone
  27. I know Seo Hyun Jin past idol group name and the company
  28. I have Seo Hyun Jin’s album from her idol period
  29. I’ve listened to at least 2 radio show that Seo Hyun Jin guested on
  30. I’ve listened to at least 10 eps of radio show which Seo Hyun Jin hosted
  31. I can recite at least 1 of Seo Hyun Jin award speeches
  32. I have at least 1 Seo Hyun Jin wallpaper in one of my SNS media
  33. I can recite at least 1 line of Seo Hyun Jin’s drama lines
  34. I’ve watched Goddess of Fire
  35. I have more than 500 pic of Seo Hyun Jin on my handphone
  36. I have more than 5000 pics of Seo Hyun Jin on my handphone
  37. Whenever I hear the name Hyun Jin, my first thought would always be Seo Hyun Jin
  38. I’ve watched Ashamed
  39. I’ve watched Dating on Earth
  40. I’ve watched Magic
  41. I can say at least 2 of Seo Hyun Jin’s good friends name in the celebrity circle
  42. I’ve bought more than 5 products which Seo Hyun Jin is the muse
  43. I know Seo Hyun Jin’s pet dog name
  44. I know the origin of Seo Hyun Jin’s pet dog name
  45. I can say at least 7 drama characters of Seo Hyun Jin
  46. I can say at least 3 movie characters of Seo Hyun Jin
  47. I’ve thought of Seo Hyun Jin at least once today
  48. I’ve watched Hwang Jini
  49. I’ve watched The Duo
  50. I’ve watched SNS expedition
  51. I know which SNS platform Seo Hyun Jin uses
  52. I know what’s the meaning of옴마야
  53. I’ve watched The Story of Wine
  54. I know the title of the anime and title of the anime song she sang
  55. I know the pose that Seo Hyun Jin has for photograph taking
  56. At least 2 persons around me know I am Seo Hyun Jin’s fan
  57. At least 5 persons around me know I am Seo Hyun Jin’s fan
  58. I’ve watched Horse Doctor, Rebellious and Let’s Fight ghost cameo
  59. I’ve successfully recommended Seo Hyun Jin to someone I know
  60. I’ve watched Madonna
  61. I’ve seen Seo Hyun Jin in person
  62. I’ve participated in Seo Hyun Jin support programs
  63. I’ve watched at least 1 drama that Seo Hyun Jin is in for 3 times or more
  64. I’ve repeatedly watched at least 3 dramas that Seo Hyun Jin is in for 5 times or more
  65. I’ve watched 2 of Seo Hyun Jin’s movie at least twice
  66. I’ve been to Seo Hyun Jin fan sign and got her signature
  67. I’ve watched TAXI
  68. I’ve watched Running Man
  69. I know what [Quiero estar contigo esta noche] means
  70. I can shout out “I love Seo Hyun Jin” if I am asked to



0-10       Still a newbie

11-20     Seo Hyun Jin fan acknowledgement

21-35     Passionate Seo Hyun Jin fan

36-50     Outstanding Seo Hyun Jin fan

51-60     Truly committed Seo Hyun Jin fan

61-70     You only live for Seo Hyun Jin?

Through this list, you can also find out those things you have missed about Seo Hyun Jin and checked them out while waiting for her next project.