Seo Hyun Jin’s 2018 Birthday Video Project

SHJ Bday 2018 Poster

DEADLINE: January 30th, 2018 12AM KST


[UPDATES] Seo Hyun Jin drama “Temperature Of Love” Support

Time flies, it’s been 4 months and Seo Hyun Jin latest drama “Temperature Of Love” has finally come to an end on Nov 21. We are happy that Seo Hyun Jin is always the reliable actress that shows us her good works. The drama may have mixed reviews but needless to say, Seo Hyun Jin’s acting in it is as brilliant as ever. We want to cheer on and support Seo Hyun Jin for her hard work filming in cold and tight filming schedules so Soompi HyunJinies have sent a flower bouquet to Seo Hyun Jin during the drama wrap up party.

The above is the flower bouquet and message that was sent to Seo Hyun Jin on Nov21 wrap up party. Pic taken below is the flower bouquet at the wrap up party site. As we do not have have any representative on site, the flower bouquet was handed over to her agency (Jump) who is her agent until that day. It is also difficult to get her pic with the flower bouquet since we have no one to represent us on site. However, our main purpose is to cheer her on and we hope she will be encouraged with our support.


It is with regret we were not able to participate in the coffee truck support this time round as the funds raised were insufficient. The flower bouquet was made possible using remaining funds from the last donation drive with additional support from individual sponsors making up for the short fall. Every dollar we collected will always be used to fund support projects for Seo Hyun Jin.

Let’s continue to show our support to Seo Hyun Jin in every way we can.

PS: Special thanks to Pointree for helping with the flower bouquet ordering and for SHJ DC gall(Bban) help in taking the pic of the flower bouquet on the wrap up party site.








Seo Hyun Jin 2017 “TOL” Rice Wreath Support Donation to One Body One Spirit

Dear Hyunjinies

Your support for Seo Hyun Jin’s new drama rice wreath donation has been finally delivered to her choice of recipient which is OBOS which Seo Hyun Jin has been ambassador for years. Special thanks to Pointree who has helped us to communicate with the Korean side and gotten an acknowledgement written in English just for us international fans.  For full details, please refer to OBOS original site:


Let’s continue to support Seo Hyun Jin in all her future works and charitable causes.

Soompi Hyunjinies Team

[TRANS] Seo Hyun Jin Twitter Update on 14/09/17



Rice Wreath Support for Temperature of Love!

<Temperature of Love> press conference is on September 14th! We sent Seo Hyun Jin rice wreath to support her drama!


Thank you to all fans who had supported us in this rice wreath project!
This project will be impossible without you. ❤

Major thanks to Pointree for helping us with everything!

Seo Hyun Jin’s Birthday Project 2017

February 27th is Seo Hyun Jin’s Birthday! Come join us and send Seo Hyun Jin a Birthday greeting! Send all messages to <>

Subject: HyunJin’s Bday
Please remember to include your name/ID and country!
(Prefer if you send word messages only)
DEADLINE: February 7th, 2017

If you would like to donate to the funding of the project, you may send your donation through <> on Paypal! If you do not have a Paypal, you can send the donation through this link:


Preview of the book: