[NEWS] Seo Hyun Jin has signed exclusive contract with Management Soop on Jan26th, 2018.

Seo Hyun Jin has signed exclusive contract with Management Soop as reported on various news outlet on Jan 29th, 2018. Management Soop is home to many famous and established actors and actresses such as Gong Yoo, Gong Hyo Jin, Jeon Do-Yeon and the recently joined Kim Jae Wook who worked with Seo Hyun Jin in “Temperature Of Love”.

“We will help Seo Hyun Jin in selection of projects that can show off her distinctive characteristics and charm as well as give support for her to enjoy her work in various fields.”

We are excited and look forward to Seo Hyun Jin’s new journey with a new agency. We wish her all the best and more succcesses in future. Below are the official accounts of Management Soop for you to follow for more information about Seo Hyun Jin’s future activities and news.

Official Website 



Naver Blog

Naver TV



Soop Boss

And just for laughs, funny captions done by one of our Soompi Hyunjinies @supergal99

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[PICTORIAL] High Cut Vol.194 (2017) Seo Hyun Jin for Estee Lauder in Bali

2ttihair naver blog (LINK) has updated beautiful high quality pics of Seo Hyun Jin for High Cut Magazine Vol.194 in 2017. Previously only scans of these pics were available plus there were some unseen pics as well. Here are those beautiful pics.

HighCut194 L1

HighCut194 L11

HighCut194 L8

(All images credit 2ttihair naver blog)

A short recap, Seo Hyun Jin jetted to Bali for a photoshoot for Estee Lauder on 11 Feb 2017. It was her first overseas shoot we know of. Here are some airport photos of her as she left for Bali through Incheon Airport.

(Image credit on pic)

Here are some BTS pics taken by her stylists during their short trip in Bali.


(Pic credit to owners)

We hope to see more of Seo Hyun Jin pictorials in the year 2018.




Seo Hyun Jin in short film “Mystery Pink”

Seo Hyun Jin appeared in the short film “Mystery Pink” directed and produced by her good friend Ku Hye Sun. The film was recently released to the press on Jan10 and the public on Jan11. The short film is only 10 mins and is classified as a mix of thriller/horror and melodrama. Ku Hye Sun in her press preview of her “Mystery Pink” exhibition has said that Seo Hyun Jin is a trusted actress that she has worked with for a very long time. (LINK) Seo Hyun Jin is a reliable friend who has appeared in many of Ku Hye Sun’s previous films such as Magic, The Peach Tree, The Madonna and Fragments of Sweet Memories.

Pics from the “Mystery Pink” exhibition. (credit: Bban2 IG)

Screen caps from film “Mystery Pink” (credit: @hyunjin227 twitter)

“Mystery Pink” Short clips links:

seohynjinfc IG

@pisces0227 Twitter



[TRANS summary] Harper’s Bazaar Mini Interview : Seo Hyun Jin’s Skin Care Tips

After drama “Temperature of Love” how will Seo Hyun Jin spend her break? We get some skin care tips from the actress to her transparent skin.

HBJan18 10

What do you usually do during resting period?

“I travel. I used to travel to many places to see a lot of things, but nowadays I prefer travelling to a single destination to rest and recuperate.”

How do you look so good even at 4am in the morning? We can’t see a single pore.

“It’s probably because the make up was redone again. Whenever there is overnight filming, I would remove all make up that has been put on since morning in the evening and redo it all over again right from the base. It makes the skin looks fresher.”

Seo Hyun Jin skin care tips.

“To use moisturiser and oils that are suited for your skin. And I also used Estee Lauder’s brown bottle everyday. Surprisingly, you can even use it in the morning.”

HBJan18 8

Plan for 2018?…. Same as last year…those I did not keep (laughs)

What does ‘REPAIR’ means to you? Time to repair your mind.


Article/Pic Source and Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Translations with aid of online translator.




Seo Hyun Jin on EBS radio Jung AeRi’s Poetry concert on 28122017

Seo Hyun Jin tweeted on 28th Dec to inform she will be appearing on radio program “Jung AeRi’s Poetry concert”.  Below is the full video of the radio recording, thanks to SHJ fan Everlasting.

In the opening, Jung AeRi read the opening script written by the writer of the program which says;

“ Really very cute, a person that beams out happiness just by looking at her. The writer added a PS to the script: A person so beautiful that the rhetoric words of the world is not enough to describe and a charming actress as well.”

Seo Hyun Jin cutely responds with her curled up fingers. XD

In the show, Seo Hyun Jin recited poems by Korean Poet Yi Sang and Korean Poet/politician Do Jong-Hwan.

In the last section of the radio show, this is what Seo Hyun Jin says about love and dating.

“I haven’t dated for a long time, feels like its time to do so, all my dating experiences came from my dramas! Because my mother is also very worried, so I’ve decided to seriously try and date for once. Seems like I’ve reached the stage to come to this kind of resolutions…but will dating this kind of thing be as you wish just because you wanted to?”

Love often doesn’t come announced nor does it comes according to our wishes but as long as we are ready and open, it can happen anytime. We wish Seo Hyun Jin will have her wish but most importantly we wish for her happiness at all times.

Pic source

Credit to Hyun Jin Light for chinese translations of content from the radio program.

English Translations credit: Soompi Hyunjinies






Congratulations to Seo Hyun Jin for winning Best Actress @Grimae Awards 2017

Grimae Award is organised by (KDPS) Korean Directors of Photography society. Best actor and actress award began from 1996 and is selected by voting from the camera directors based on excellent acting and good image of the actors. To win the award is an acknowledgement for the actor, it is one of the best award to be given for any actor.

The award ceremony will be held on Dec 8 at 7pm KST at KBS hall.


We want to congratulate Seo Hyun Jin for winning the 2017 Grimae Best Actress Award for her performance in her latest concluded drama “Temperature Of Love”. Her excellent acting is once again acknowledged and recognised in the industry after her Baeksang awards.