[Events] Seo Hyun Jin at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards

It was a dazzling night as many actors and actresses donned their best and attended the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards on May 3rd, 2018 at COEX, South Korea. Exactly a year ago, this was also the place where the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards was held in which Seo Hyun Jin won her Best Actress(TV) award for her role in drama Another Oh Hae Young. On this day, Seo Hyun Jin returns as a co-presenter for the same award with dashing actor Gong Yoo.

For international fans who couldn’t catch the LIVE broadcast last night due to region restrictions or differences in time zones, we bring you the highlight of Seo Hyun Jin as a presenter.

Seo Hyun Jin sported a simple but classic look, with her long hair straight and let down and a white dress of which white seems to be the colour of the night at Baeksang awards this year.

During their interaction, Gong Yoo mentioned that he would love to do a film together with Seo Hyun Jin. Seo Hyun Jin also said that she is still waiting for a great project when asked what she type of drama she will do next.

We certainly hope that these two would have a chance to collaborate in the near future and we’ve selected some of the best photos for the night for all Hyunjinies. (all pics credit to the respective owners)

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Seo Hyun Jin’s beautiful friendship with actresses she works with

Recently, Jeon Hye Bin was on TVN’s Life Bar program and in it she mentioned about her holiday trip with Seo Hyun Jin back in 2017.

It’s a well known fact that Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin’s close friendship stemmed from drama <Another Oh Hae Young>. Although acting as love rivals in the drama, the 2 girls became close on set as both debuted around the same time through an idol group.

Even after the drama ended, the two remained close and had many gatherings together privately.



On TVN’s life Bar, Jeon Hye Bin shared that she and Seo Hyun Jin are each other’s source of strength and support when they are tired or going through difficult times. The two girls who also shared similar things like love for nature, planned and went on a month long trip together to South America and Antartica. Jeon Hye Bin said that usually on a trip, quarrels and disagreements are inevitable even among friends but she and Seo Hyun Jin did not have a single argument throughout the whole trip. And being together for 24/7 for a whole long month, they were able to share almost everything about themselves. They even share the same bed on the trip when trying to save costs. In the program, Jeon Hye Bin shared unreleased photos of her and Seo Hyun Jin during their trip to Antartica. (pics below)

Others JHBxSHJ2Others JHBxSHJ1

Their most memorable part of the trip was when they had to sleep out in the open in the cold night of Antartica. Knowing how Seo Hyun Jin is afraid of the cold, it must be a great feat for her to do this! Pic below actually shows how they slept for the night in the open. Well done girls.

SHJxJHB antartic

It’s wonderful to have great bosom friends in the entertainment industry and Seo Hyun Jin has just added another bestie to her growing list of close friends. She also became close to JoBoA and Lee Cho Hee after filming <Temperature of Love> together, the trio also had a short girls’ trip to Jeju island after the drama wrapped up. (pic credit:Lee Cho Hee IG) And it seems that the girls are still catching up with each other over udon noodles base on actress Lee Cho Hee’s IG updates. ^_^

Others IG SHJxTOLgirls2

Others IG SHJxTOL girls

We wish that Seo Hyun Jin will continue to find bosom friends whom she can share her joy and pain as she continues to work hard and bring good works to us.

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[NEWS] Seo Hyun Jin, new beverage model for V line healthy drink

On March 29th, KwangDong Pharmaceutical updated their Facebook page with new model for their V line healthy drink, Cornsilk Tea. She is none other than Seo Hyun Jin!

CF Kwangdong slktea FB300318

On March 30th,official news were released through news media where a representative from the company explains the reason for choosing Seo Hyun Jin as model, :”We find Seo Hyun Jin’s healthy and positive energy just right for our brand image, and we hope to communicate the meaning of maintaining health through Seo Hyun Jin’s clean image.” (source)

CF KwangDong1

Cornsilk Tea is Korea’s No1 tea drink dominating about 20% of the tea beverage market and it won Best Brand Prize in 2017 Korea Consumer Evaluation.(source)

CF KwangDong5

CF KwangDong3

Seo Hyun Jin became  V Line CornSilk Tea after other well known celebrities such as Jeon Ji-Hyun, BoA and Kim Soo Hyun.

A short TVCF clip was also released on the same day, check it out here LINK and Seo Hyun Jin’s Eng subbed video message is released HERE

Please like and follow official KwangDong’s account (link below) for more news and updates as well as to support Seo Hyun Jin for her new KwangDong CF endorsment.